What can I offer?

I can offer workshops for children, young people, and adults, customised to meet your needs.  I can come to you at your setting, either indoors or outdoors, and provide materials which would be included in the workshop cost*.  Workshops can stand alone, be delivered as a series, or even be the beginning of a much larger ongoing project.

I have many years of experience working with people of different needs, backgrounds and interests, and firmly believe that art is an inclusive activity that can bring people together.

Some of my previous workshops have been:

  • Elburton Primary School: graffiti letter styles and drawing workshops with Years 3, 4 and 6, followed by designing and painting an underwater themed mural with the children to transform their local subway (using aerosol and brush paint)
  • Mount Wise Primary School: classroom-based workshops, culminating in designing and painting a large mural at their local park with the children (using aerosol and brush paint)
  • Plymouth Youth Service Summer Mix: aerosol art workshops with young people for two days each year – projects have included making over a bike storage shed and brightening up a dull classroom


Workshops in Schools

Why choose a workshop with me?

I have over 20 years of experience working as an artist and running workshops with schools, youth groups and adults, using a variety of art techniques and media including drawing, lettering, spray painting and stencilling.

I am fully insured and DBS checked.  All workshops will have a full risk assessment, and steps will be taken to minimise any potential risk (e.g. providing children with gloves and respiratory masks for spray painting, using low odour water-based paint, etc.)

I can provide materials (this will be calculated into final costs) and bring everything needed for the workshop(s).

 Workshops and the National Curriculum

Workshops can be tailored to meet National Curriculum expectations at each Key Stage.  They also enable schools to extend and enhance the materials and techniques children are already exposed to in Art and Design lessons and complement the work their teachers are already doing.

Workshops can be one-offs or can be a series working towards a final product.  Children and young people can work individually or as a group, on smaller pieces of artwork or a large-scale mural, depending on resources and space available. Workshops can take place indoors or outdoors.



  • Working within a chosen theme or from children’s ideas
  • Introducing basic spray painting, brush painting, lettering and stencilling techniques with guidance and support.


  • Developing children’s ideas, from sketching to the finished piece.
  • Working on individual or group pieces of artwork.
  • Supporting children in designing, making and using their own stencils. This could be part of a project looking at urban artists such as Blek Le Rat or Banksy and how they use stencils in their work.
  • Introducing basic spray painting techniques. This could be part of a project looking at spray paint artists, for example Straker from Australia whose work looks like neon tube lights but is entirely created from white and neon spray paint on black backgrounds.

KS3 and 4:

  • Looking at the history of urban street art and its political roots, making links to subjects such as Citizenship and History as well as Art and Design. Considering the stereotypes of “graffiti” and considering the important influences of street art in a wide sense.
  • Considering the work of contemporary urban artists and developing work in their style. Everyone knows Banksy, but there are many others to draw on, for example Keith Haring, Jean-Michel Basquiat, Alice Misrachi, Mad C, Straker and Blek Le Rat.
  • Listening to Jon’s experience as an artist in his own right, his inspiration and influences, and looking at his own art and techniques, leading on to developing work from the young people’s own ideas.
  • Working on a piece from initial ideas, sketchbook work, on to the final product.
  • Considering different media to work on, from large murals, to canvas and board, even to shoes and skateboards.
  • Introducing young people to a wide range of spray paint and stencilling techniques.


How much will it cost?

*The cost of workshops can vary, depending upon length of time, complexity of the work, number of participants, materials, etc.  Please get in touch via my contact page and we can discuss your requirements further in order for me to provide you with a free quote.