Year 6 Legacy Wall | Stoke Damerel Primary Academy | Plymouth | July 2022

I recently had the privilege of working alongside the Year 6 levers at Stoke Damerel Primary Academy. Outside their classrooms was a large, bare, concrete wall – they wanted help creating a legacy piece on this wall for the children leaving the school at the end of the year.

We decided on a woodland theme, so I designed a background and spent time in the classroom helping the children create creatures, characters, plants and trees to add over it.

I chose at least one image from each child, which I then added to the background design.

I marked out the wall with the background first, then added the children’s designs, blown up, on top ready for them to get painting!

I spent two days with the Year 6 children, in small groups, using spray paint to fill in their characters and bring them to life.

The children did a brilliant job … we all had a fantastic time learning new skills and leaving something for the school to remember them by!

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