Elburton Primary School Subway Project | Plymouth | June 2018

I ran workshops in Elburton Primary School with the children, where they came up with the “under the sea” theme and created the designs themselves. I drew the backgrounds, titles, octopuses (octopi?) etc. and marked out their designs on the walls like a huge painting by numbers. The children and I then brought the creation to life, painting with sprays and brushes over several days, with me finishing off using spray paint.

The whole project has been great fun to work on, with children, parents, and members of the local community, stopping to comment and talk about it throughout each day while the painting was going on!


I would like to thank:

  • The children and the teachers and teaching assistants of Elburton Primary who took part in the workshops and the painting …
  • Councillor Vivien Pengelly and Pete Crocker of Plymouth City Council …
  • Tony Epps, Deputy Headteacher of Elburton Primary School …
  • My partner, Rachael Knight …

And finally, a huge thanks to the very talented DJ Pandamonium for the awesome bespoke soundtrack on the video. For more of his work, see: http://djpandamonium.bandcamp.com


Plymouth Herald article, 11th June 2018:  https://www.plymouthherald.co.uk/news/coolest-subway-plymouth-1657005







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