Running Deer School | Moretonhampstead, Devon | June – July 2019

Over the last term, I have been working with students at Running Deer School, a small  independent special school on the edge of Dartmoor.  I took each student to visit the ‘Masters of Invention’ exhibition at Devon Guild of Craftsmen, then used this as inspiration for them to create their own piece of ‘graffiti’ artwork on a large canvas stretched between trees.  Some of the students had never used spray cans before, and for many of them this was the first time they had worked on anything on such a large scale or for such a concentrated period of time.

The results were absolutely stunning!  The finished pieces were displayed along the side of a public footpath through the woods where the school is based, and parents were invited to come and view the art work as part of an Open Day.

Students working on their canvasses:


The finished pieces:


Video from the Open Day at Running Deer School:


The Masters of Invention exhibition at Devon Guild of Craftsmen


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