Oxfordshire Co-Production Festival | Oxford | 2nd July 2019

My friend and fellow artist, Jay Roerade (https://www.jayroerade.com/), and I worked with members of the public to create a piece of artwork at Oxfordshire’s Co-Production Festival https://twitter.com/OxonCopro.

The festival itself was a result of a partnership between Oxfordshire County Council and The Social Care Institute for Excellence (SCIE) to celebrate and promote co-production between services and people.  https://news.oxfordshire.gov.uk/festival-to-celebrate-oxfordshires-pioneering-partnership–working/

The artwork reflected the way in which people are working together in Oxfordshire to improve lives.  It was a real privilege to be involved.



(Photo credits: Jay Roerade https://twitter.com/jaamed and @OxonCoPro https://twitter.com/OxonCopro)


Check out this amazing graphic by Pen Mendonca that captures what was happening across the whole festival:



Twitter: @mendoncapen

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